More torque; more power; more mud; more butt-slapping team-work; more rolexes; more camaraderie; more penis-inches. Ah yes - cigarette marketing at its most base: the simple appeal to Man's heroic image of Man Himself. 

The Camel Trophy was an off-road, adventure race - basically one big road-test for the Land Rover and a phallus-laden vehicle for advertising. There was no real premise for the spectacle; no reason except Man’s love of grunt and power and needless conquest.

It’s 1993; think Jurassic Park (1993), Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989), and Sean Connery in the 1992 heavy, Medicine Man. This L.A.D. edit is put together from a 14 minute “demonstration edit” by Camel cigarettes. It’s big-budget stuff, and anything but candid.